Origano Dosa.

Dosa Is An South Indian Food, In This Recipe I Cooked Something New By Just Adding Some Flavor Into It. Even If It’s An Lazy Day Or Sunday Morning Or Even If You  Want To Have Something Tasty And Spicy You Can Have The Below Dish.

Things Required:

  1. Dosa Batter(Home Made Will Also Be Ok .)
  2. Chopped Vegetable(Onion,Tomato,Capsicum)
  3. Oregano
  4. Red Chili Pepper
  5. Butter


Preparing The Batter: Get Batter Into A Bowl. Mix Oregano Powder And Red Chili Pepper With A Spoonful Of Butter.

Cooking The Batter: Heat The Pan And Spread The Batter On Pan.

Adding Vegetables: Sprinkled The Chopped Vegetables On Batter Spreader On Pan.

-Making The Dosa: Now Spread A Bit Of Butter For Making Dosa Crispy And Heat Dosa Till It Get Yellow Color. Now Flip Dosa On The Other Side To Cook.

Additional Tip: You Can Also Add Cheese While Cooking Dosa If You Want To Have Cheesy Flavor.

And Finally Serve Or Have The Tasty Dosa On Lazy Sunday Morning Or Whenever You Feel To Have Lazy Food.


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