Jalaram Khaman, Surdhara Circle, Ahmedabad

20160601_092841 Jalaram Khaman, Surdhara Circle,Ahmedabad


“Khaman” Aah, Morning Breakfast Consumed By Many Houses Of Gujarati’s. Same Way I Also Am Fond Of Khaman And Especially Particular Of This Place. Its An Local Street Lawry . The Taste Of Khaman I Have Here Is Seriously Super Awesome, And I Am Publishing With Lots Of Taste Pondered  (Almost Many) In Local Lawry. The Best Thing I Found Out At This Place Is The Quality Of Food He Has, Cleanliness At His Place, And The Most Loved Thing By Me His Kari And Chili Which Is Served And  With Khaman. It Is Located Near AUDA Garden, Besides Swapna Appartment At Surdahara To S.G Highway Lane. One More Thing To Mention He Comes At Morning 10:30 To 1:00 Afternoon.

One Incident I’ll Like To Share About The Faithfulness Of The Person Serving There, One Day My Friend Left His Bag At His Lawry, And Within A Span Of  Time He Was Back To Inquire About The Bag He Left There, That Person Kept The Bag Safe And Nothing  In That Bag Was Missing. Therefore I Always Feel Respect For That Man For His Loyalty And Hard Work He Does. Therefore Being #PersonalFavorite   I Recommend To Try It Once.


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