Pabrai’s Ice-Cream, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad


Finally I Found A Place Where You Can Have Varieties And Flavors Of Ice Cream And That Too With Standard Quality Ice Cream. Yes According To Me Pabrai’s Ice Cream Is The First Place In Vastrapur Area Which Provides Quality Ice Cream With Such An Amazing Ambiance. There Were Also Many Flavor Which I Encountered For The First Time For E.g Chandan Was One Of The Flavor Which I Had Never Heard Of In Ice Cream. We Ordered Vanilla Orange And South Indian Coffee Ice Cream Both Of Them Were Amazing. Being A Coffee Addictor For Me South Indian Coffee Ice Cream Was Seriously An Amazing Experience. It In Real Had That String Coffee Flavor And Coffee Beans Were Adding More Peculiarity On The Taste. The Ambiance Was Smartly Designed In Such A Way That Place Being A Bit Small It Was Not Congested.

Talking About The Company s Background With The Employees I Came To Know That It’s An Kolkata Based Company And Here They Have Franchise Of Parlor. While Interacting With The Staff I Also Experiences The Mannerism Each Employee Had Which Gave Their Customer An Personalized Experience. Lastly The Most Interesting Thing For Me Was That They Had A Wall Full Of Sticky Notes Where Customer Can Share Their Experience. On A Personal Note I Was Impressed Bu The Creativity Of The Designer. Over All It Was A Quality Experience To Have.


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