Tawa Ice-Cream, Gurukul

It’s From Childhood That I Have My Memories To Go At An Ice-Cream Parlour For Eating An Ice-Cream. But Now I Think Now The Trend Has Changed I Suppose. This Is A Place Where You Order Your Choice Of Flavor And Then They Will Make It In Front Of You. The Most Amazing And Desiring Was That They Had A Tawa Joined With Machine Controlled Temperature. The Process Start With Choosing Your Flavor The Spread The Ingredients Of That Flavor On That Tawa-Machine. Now The Magic Happens Within 4 Minutes And The Ice-Cream Is Ready.

The Best Flavor According To Them Is Gulab – Jamun And Green Apple. According To Me Gulab-Jamun Was The Best Flavor As It Had Small Pieces Of Jamun And Also He Added A Bit Of Rabdi For Taste. Green Apple Was Also Good And Had A Sour Taste. They Also Have Pre-Made Ice-Cream As The Frequency Of Customer Is So Much That The Waiting Time Increases. It Is Located At Subash Chowk Cross Road, Gurukul Road.


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