Between The Breads, Maninagar

It was now heights of boring to eat the same taste of dabeli with potato stuffing. I Just recently found out a new place which one should must try if you are a real fooder like me. The place is “Between The Breads”. As  I was in endeavour to found a new taste i came across to stuffing of american, Russian, Italian stuffing in dabeli. I tasted Mayonnaise Sauce and American sauce. There was nothing new as such but what they did was they added a layer of sauces and stuffing above the regular stuffing which creates a magical taste transformation.

I observed the friendly and hospitality towards customer as while having a discussion about what to eat and which flavour to try they told us that you try a flavour and if you don’t like it return us back. I Think this was the first place where this kind of acceptive approach I was served with. I recommend one should visit the place once and try dabeli and sandwich both things. It located in the heart of maninagar, Jawahar Chowk Cross Road.


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