Shakti Sandwich, Mansi Cross Road



Yummy !! Yummy !!  Yes The First Thought In mind when you will have on eating the first bite of sandwich. Shakti sandwich is one of the newly arrived and growing sandwich food chain in the city. But it proved that being specialized in a specific space makes you more quality assured no matter what and how much competitive the market is. Shakti doesn’t provide any other thing than sandwich they have just specialization in that and that’s worth  of trying. I had Mexican sandwich and shezwan sandwich. Both was presented and decorated very impressively and over flooded with sauces and cheese. They also have combo  like one sandwich + fries + coke.

The worst thing I Observed that they didn’t had wash basin. It’s the worst thing that you doesn’t provide a wash basin when you so much of sauces. Tissues doesnt serve the purpose of water. It’s also a bit expensive but worth having in the initial days when salaries are received 🙂 Its located at mansi cross-road opposite sunrise mall.


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