The Unforgttabble Cafe

Yummy Yummy and Tasty, Expression while having the food. This cafe is an superb place to haveĀ on a date with your friend or girl friends if you want to have tasty food. I had oreo shake, panini sandwich and dark chocolate coffee. Shake was with balanced flavor if chocolate in it, it was also decorated well. The best for me was panini and to be precise the sauce they served was very tasty, panini was also crispy yet soft to crunch.

The interior is a bit small with capacity of not more than 20 person at a time yet it was good with proper seating arrangements. I am in an curiocity to try pasta next time very soon. Its located near Nation Handloom, Law Garden.


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  1. Nice, I am an avid coffee addictor. Would like to taste coffee. I have a small suggestion and i hope t would a help to you and your followers.
    Try to add their menu too, in every post you post about new places you visit or have new something everytime.


    1. Malhar says:

      thanks for the suggestion will keep in mind the next time…


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