Lijjat Khaman


There are very rare shops where you will like to have kaham or that kind of food, You will always prefer to have that on a lauri. This is a very reknown place for farsan in maninagar area. They are known for khaman. I tried sev-khamni and fulwadi. The best thing i liked was fulwadi as other places they deep fry it and make cruchy which maked it tasteless but it was crispy which i always like. Sev khamni was good just a bit sweet but over all it was tasty. Not to forget the chatni its a unique taste specially found at lijjat and for which it is known for.

There is not much space for eating out there so i would prefer to get it packed and enjoy it at home. The prices are a bit high as they have a shop being maintained which i guess is understood. it a nice place for all kind farsan food. It located in the core of city of ahmedabad that’s Maninagar. It is located opposite kankaria lake.


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