Hojamalo, S G Higway

Something as per the name it has, A new typical sophisticated sindhi restaurant in the city and my list of flavors. Most of the dishes were new to me just some of them were known. I tasted Daal Sandwich, Daal Mung Mashup and Rabdi Gulab Jambu. As being a sandwich lover it was obvious that daal sandwich would get my attraction, It was totally a new taste yet being very obvious to guess what would it be from its name. The best taste would come when you would have it with the chatni served, having it with chatni will give a sweet and sour flavor. Next on table was Daal Mung Maspup which is typically known as  Dal Pakwan in local language. If you had dal pakwan at local shops this would be less tasteful, Yet it was tasty here. And the best thing was Rabdi gulab jambu Which was the most impressive to me being a sweet lover.

The restaurant had the best thing was the serve you with small mineral water bottles rather than serving in glasses and it would be free regardless of the count of bottles you consume. It was also spacious with good seating arrangements with good air-conditioned arrangement. The prices are also much economical and affordable in terms of the service they give. Its located at one of the prime location S . G Highway, Ahmedabad in Akshat tower. One Must visit if you want to try for new flavors.


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