Huber & Holly


A newly established Havmor brand cafe in the city after some successful restaurant and eatery brands. It’s seriously a premium cafe with purely customization of flavors. Yes, you can choose your toppings. They also have juices and some sandwich and pasta pizza. But what i found attractive the most was the kind of machinery they have for toppings. I found a new thing unknowingly on orders of sandwich i observed the bread used was Croissant bread  which was good in taste and crispy. It was a good experience as it was crispy and cheesy. Even the coffee was bit different it was cold coffee in water rather than milk. I didn’t like it that much as I like either black coffee or Milk based coffee.

I must say the interior was designed superb though it was a bit small in space so it was a bit congested if they have more number of people. The place is a bit costly but worth the spend for its flavor and service and space.  Its located at Pakwan Cross Road, S G Highway


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