Tripti Ice Cream Parlour

A new reason to drive to Gandhinagar, The Capital of Gujarat. Yes its an ice cream parlour situated in gandhinagar. They have a good variety of ice creams and that too in a good quantity in single serve. The measures here are not done in single scopes it done in ml which make it worth driving through. Although the variety is also a focused reason to go for. I have tried for chocolate Sundanese and scoops with brownie and dry fruit topping. Even Gadbad was also good as it will surprise you with a new taste on every bite due to many of the flavors being adjusted in one dish. There are two shops one is tripti and another is pandya besides it. Until my knowledge both of them serve the same thing and belong to same blood.

It’s a small place and people also in good numbers therefore you will be issued a token number on order which almost take around 10-15 minutes of time to be prepared. I found this very organised as it make processing better and not crowdy. It is located in Plot 381 Sector 16, Gandhinagar.



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