Karma Cafe, Ahram road

A cafe managed by trust yet maintained like a private. The message they want to communicate was that you have your food and pay as much you feel to of which the benefits will be passed on to the next customers. I found the place of realization of a generating kindness and art of giving.

They have a small list of items prepared on daily basis like tea, coffee, khakra, muthiya, pizza and other light things same as. The procedure is you can order what ever you want there is no restrictions on it and it will be served to you. The place has some table and chairs surrounded by books of some of the nations great leaders of independence. You can sit there for reading or doing your work as much as you want. The place is well designed and well furnished which gives you a feel to seat there for the whole day and enjoy the environment. About the payment there is a drop box in which you can pay volunteerly as much amount you feel to.

One must visit the place once as it will give a unique kind of felling which i cannot express in words. Its located at navjivan trust office, Ashram road.



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