Mani Mansion

While my city Ahmedabad is a heritage city, I also had a visit to an heritage feel restaurant. It’s a colonial design place with a residence in real and established and hotel and restaurant. They have one a closed space restaurant and another an open garden space. As it was a day time i was in the restaurant. But I must say the look and feel was something different from other places. It came an attitude and some proud to visit the place with an unusual design.

Describing the menu, they had ala-carte soup to desert dishes. They also have some thirst fillers such as coffee and shakes. We ordered Oreo and cold coffee. Shake was not that thick as i always want yet was good in taste with dark flavor and chocolaty. Coffee was also not that thick yet was good in taste. All other things were standard we have in major of restaurants but one thing which catch my attention was a seasonal dish aam ras puri. It was something which was rare in menu. The prices were not that economical and also the change in gst affected it much.

Overall describing the experience it’s always a proud to enjoy and feel the heritage of the land. It is located in paldi area opposite to paldi AMTS bus stand.


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